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*****A Work in Progress****

Here are my tried-and-true list of resources on how to change certain aspects of your life and yourself.

How to Read More:

How to Be More Positive:

How to Create Healthy Habits:

How to Be Nicer to Yourself:

How to Be A Better Parent:

How to Feel Less Guilt


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An avid food lover and baker, I also consider myself a true Anglophile. Based in Portland, Oregon, a city known for food trucks, left wing politics, and plenty of rain. My biggest (literary) dream at the moment is to get my book published before I run out of energy and ideas. I love to try new things, and two things I love the most (aside from my family) are food and books!

Please feel free to connect/reach out or check out my social media, where I may occassionally post a thing or two.

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