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  • San Francisco

    It must’ve been 2005 or 2006 when we first visited San Francisco. Back then, hubby and I were in our early twenties, not yet married. It was a spontaneous weekend trip, and although we couldn’t stay very long, we had a blast visiting Chinatown, walking across the Golden Gate bridge and riding their transit system.… Continue reading

  • Central California Coast

    In late February 2019, we took a family trip down to Central California. The main purpose was to see the Hearst Castle. That is another sight to behold! But before we did that, we explored the beaches near the castle, in a little town called Cambria, California, tucked away about 3 1/2 hours from San… Continue reading

  • Spring 2019

    Spring 2019

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An avid food lover and baker, I also consider myself a true Anglophile. Based in Portland, Oregon, a city known for food trucks, left wing politics, and plenty of rain. My biggest (literary) dream at the moment is to get my book published before I run out of energy and ideas. I love to try new things, and two things I love the most (aside from my family) are food and books!

Please feel free to connect/reach out or check out my social media, where I may occassionally post a thing or two.

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